Sacred Space

I hope everyone had a lovely week. We are going to be chatting about supporting the restaurant industry during this difficult time.

For chefs, a restaurant is a sacred place. A place where we can create goals and achieve them, where make bonds with our brothers and sisters for life, where all of the outside noise of life is silenced. The only things that matter are making the best dish and experience for the guests.

A lot of restaurants have had difficulty learning curve from providing this amazing experience with smiles and storytelling in their “homes” to putting food in boxes and hoping that the driver got there in time and the food isn’t cold. There is a large disconnect with the food from the vessel of foodservice when you order from a delivery service and it is not that restaurants are not happy that you are thinking of them and ordering food from them, it just feels like they are playing a game with 2 hands tied behind their backs.

A bigger problem is the delivery services in themselves. I have heard complaint after complaint from restaurant owners about how much money these delivery companies are taking from small restaurants. Most restaurants already run on a tight profit margin and when the profit goes into the pocket of large companies like Uber or Skip it is easy to see that the restaurant industry is not doing well.

Supporting the restaurant industry comes from all of us by supporting our local restaurants by dining in when we feel comfortable again and if we do order take out, take the time to head down there and pick it up ourselves. It means a lot that you want to support them during this difficult time. I just never want to see our sacred places disappear because we didn’t take care of them.

At work in a sacred space.